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the sea freight (week 43) has dropped

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Compared with sea freight at week 42, the sea freight decreased significantly this week

  Shipping costs between China and the United States fell sharply, mainly due to the approach of the off-season and the decline of China's manufacturing capacity. "Speculators" are eager to sell the stock of storage shipping space.

   The Nikkei reported that an executive of a Shanghai freight company said that the current freight for a 40-foot standard container from China to the west coast of the United States has been decreased from about US$15,000 to a little higher than US$8,000. It fell by nearly a half.

   Although the spot freight rate has dropped, the long-term freight rate has not changed, and the future sea freight rate will depend on the gap between supply and demand. How will shipping charges develop in the near future? Analysts in the logistics industry also hold different opinions. It is hoped that the global supply chain will return to normal, and the freight rate will develop steadily as soon as possible.

    Refer to the table below for the sea freights of casing centralizers and ESP cable protectors at this week. We hope it provides convenience to you.

type of casing centralizer-Newland

Weekly Update Sheet of Sea Freight for Single Product 43.pdf



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