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Sea freight increases on week 45

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It is reported that Los Angeles Port and Long Beach Port Committees unanimously approved a plan to charge Container Excess Dwell Fee from the carrier, which takes effect on November 1st.

Charging standard: Under the 90-day policy, for containers planned to be transported locally by truck will be charged from the 9th day of stay at the port (Note: trucks are delivered for free for 8 days, and rail transshipment is free for 5 days). The charge for each container on the first day after the due date is US$100, the next day is US$200, and so on. For containers planned to be transported by railway, the fee starts from the 6th day (the previous notice starts from the 3rd day), and the charging method is the same as above.

According to this charging method, the charge per container is US $1500 on the fifth day of overdue, and up to US $46500 on the 30th day.

Compared with last week, the sea freight from Chinese ports to the major international ports has increased this week. Please see the new sea freight list of single piece casing accessory provided by Newland Oiltools.

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Weekly Update Sheet of Sea Freight for Single Product 45.pdf



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