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Interview with Petroleum Expert Dong Xiucheng

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On August 15th of 2021, the 12th Annual Youth Academic Conference of China Petroleum Society--”Invigorate Youth Vitality and Boost Energy Development" hosted by the Youth Working Committee of Chinese Petroleum Society, jointly hosted by Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd., Jilin Oilfield Branch of Petrochina Co., LTD, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Heilongjiang Petroleum Institute, Jilin Petroleum Institute was held online. Professor Dong Xiucheng, Executive Director of International Business Strategy Institute of the University of International Business and Economics, was interviewed to interpret the future of traditional oil and gas industry under the trend of carbon neutrality at this annual meeting.

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Professor Dong Xiucheng firstly introduced the huge pressure of carbon emission reduction that exists currently in our country. Secondly, he analyzed and elaborated the nice aspects such as the decline of renewable energy cost, the reform of energy terminal consumption system, the continuous optimization of energy structure, the gradual improvement of carbon accounting system, the increase in the production of new energy vehicles, the development of the CCUS industry, the establishment of green financial system, the introduction of National Carbon Neutral Policy, and the development trends of non fossil energy. He pointed out that there is no time for the transformation of oil and gas industry.

Facing the background that global energy is bound to get rid of oil and gas era, Professor Dong Xiucheng puts forward the following five points of view: Firstly, China's energy needs to achieve a leap-forward transformation path, get rid of the coal era, cross the oil and gas era and move towards to the non fossil energy era directly as soon as possible. Secondly, the pressure of oil and gas upstream industry is limited, but it is bound to face many challenges. Thirdly, the development of oil and gas midstream industry is under the pressure of carbon neutrality, and it is also necessary to speed up the layout and future transformation. Fourthly, the development of oil and gas downstream industries is facing tremendous pressure, and need to needs to implement industrial transformation as soon as possible. Fifthly, large-scale oil and gas enterprises are facing challenges, so transformation and development are imperative.

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Introduction Of Professor Dong Xiucheng

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Dong Xiucheng, second-level professor, and and doctoral supervisor. Executive Director of International Business Strategy Institute of the University of International Business and Economics, Director of the Belt and Road Energy Trade and Development Research Center of the University of International Business and Economics, and Executive Director of the China International Low-Carbon Economics Research Institute of the University of International Business and Economics. Vice Chairman of the China Petroleum Circulation Association and Chairman of the Expert Committee, Vice Chairman of the Energy Resources System Engineering Branch of the Chinese Society of Systems Engineering, Member of the Price Expert Advisory Committee of the National Development and Reform Commission, Special Experts of the National Energy Administration, Consulting Experts of the National Petroleum Reserve Center, Executive director of the Chinese Energy Society, Executive Director of the China Market Economy Research Association, Deputy Director of the Resource Management Committee of the Chinese Society of Geology and Mineral Economics, Member of the Energy Regulatory Committee of the China Energy Research Association, Social Supervisor of Sinopec Group, Special Commentator of CCTV, Member of editorial board of "International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management(IJSSM)" and "Petroleum Science" etc.



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